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Scented bath with rosehip. Wild aromatic rose.


Rosehip-flavored bath or aromatic wild rose bath with anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antioxidant properties. A rosehip bath offers a moment of intense relaxation and acts on the modeling of the silhouette. Also on the elasticity of the skin. Did you know that once the root of this wild rose was supposed to bring healing to people bitten by dogs with rabies? And Cleopatra was resting on pillows of wild rose petals? This rosehip bath has an irresistible fragrance, warm and radiant. It reveals parfume of wild roses. A moment of pleasure that will leave your skin soft and silky thanks to the avocado oil present in this bath bomb.

Bath bomb 120 g

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Scented bath with rosehip or bath with aromatic wild rose. First of all, your bath is transformed into a warm harmony, a sumptuous and original scent of wild rose. Then the water in your bathtub takes on an intense pink color. In summary, your bath becomes a concentrate of the most luxurious benefits for your skin. Discover also our Rose scented bath bomb

Bain antioxydant à la rose

The scented bath with rosehip 

The scented bath with rosehip is an essential beauty gesture. It restores radiance to tired skin to begin with. Then this bath brings to your skin trace elements and its remarkable antioxidant virtues. On one side, just like all our products scented with rose, we note the presence of this intense fragrance. On the other hand, this bath bomb is made on a base of avocado oil. It is very effective in care for dry and mature skin. It is used not only for tired skin, but also as a preventive thanks to its antioxidant and regenerating action. If you want to have a scented rose bath, you can also use our Rose bath salt

Sel de bain parfum rose

What is rosehip?

First and foremost, Rosehip is a wild rose that can wait 3 meters in height and has many thorns. It gives flowers that give off a pleasant scent. Then their berries, called rose hips. Therefore, it is especially their berries that are very interesting for health. For example, rose hips contain up to 20 times more vitamin C than oranges. In addition, their fruits contain provitamin A, vitamins B and PP, as well as pectin and sugar. So, the rose hip fruits have tonic and depurative properties. That’s why in the Nordic countries the rose hips are commonly used in the kitchen. Therefor we advise you to take this scented bath with rosehip. Choose our rose scented soap in order to stay in the same fragrances.

Savon naturel à la rose


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(Français) Ajoutez cette boule de bain délicieuse à votre bain pour un pur moment de bonheur ! Immergez la boule de bain dans votre baignoire jusqu’à complète décomposition. Au contact de l’eau, elle émettra des bulles, dégagera ses huiles essentielles, ainsi que son parfum délicieux !


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Bienfaits d’un bain hydratant

L’huile d’avocat dans un bain effervescent

L’huile d’avocat adoucit, nourrit, éclaircit, restructure et protège la peau pour lutter contre les radicaux libres. Particulièrement indiquée pour les peaux matures et/ou abîmées, l’huile d’avocat peut être utilisée pour prévenir le vieillissement grâce à sa forte teneur en vitamine E, un excellent antioxydant. Elle est également recommandée pour les peaux grasses. En effet, elle régule le sébum et ressert les pores. Riche en vitamine E, l’huile d’avocat est excellente pour l’épiderme.


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