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A desire for warmth at home? Our Vanilla scented candle is an excellent choice to make your environment more pleasant. No “Tahitian attitude” without vanilla fragrances at home … To perfume your home with these scents, bet on the bewitching aromas and on the scents with warm and sensual scents like vanilla! 100% natural hand-made candle with superior raw materials. Its fragrance expresses luxury and voluptuousness. Not only will it help you deal with winter sadness, but it will also create a laid-back atmosphere during the summer. Elle apaisera votre système nerveux. In other words, if you are depressed, anxious or overcome with melancholy or just tired, light this candle and take advantage of its beneficial effects for your mind. In diffusion, this subtle synergy of pure and natural essences will transport you in a warm and delicious atmosphere.

Life: 30 hours
Range: up to 30m² – high diffusion quality and important flame
Capacity: 8.45 fl oz / 250 ml
100% natural vegetable wax
Cotton wick, unleaded (does not provide black smoke)
Paraffin free, paraben free
Not tested on animals
Hand-made in Normandy, France

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We developed our Vanilla scented candle by combining pure plant extracts. We wished to have the bouquet of room fragrance as naturally as possible. On the one hand, this vanilla candle is a decorative object, on the other hand it ensures an extraordinary olfactory atmosphere. It guarantees you a sensory experience. It is no longer necessary to defend vanilla’s scents popularity. Indeed, vanilla has aphrodisiac properties. So, it is a powerful natural anti-stress.

Vanilla scented candle by Paradis Des Savons

The vanilla scented candle for the great pleasure of the senses! To start, this pretty candle is handcrafted with GMO-free soy wax. Its wick is also 100% natural. On this subject, the wick, we chose a wick large enough to have a large flame. It is for this reason that it diffuses an unforgettable scent of vanilla. In addition, it gives you a soft light. Also, warm and delicious aromas and therefore happiness at all times. Enjoy the atmosphere at home with these scents that will evoke childhood par excellence.

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Savons à la vanille de Paradis Des Savons

Handcrafted vanilla scented candle

Our vanilla scented candle is 100% handcrafted with superior raw materials. It’s a vanilla candle with fragrant amber scents. It will be excellent for those who love luxury and pleasure. First of all, it helps to fight against winter sadness and creates a posed atmosphere during the summer. Indeed, its warm and powerful fragrance is very soothing. Then vanilla fragrance acts on the nervous system. That is to say, it is a general stimulant. The vanilla scent is recommended for people caught by hysteria, depression or melancholy. In addition, the scent of this natural candle helps you to cope with intellectual fatigue. This is why we advise you to light this handcrafted candle in the evening if you suffer from insomnia. Create a fun atmosphere to amaze your home.


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Non testé sur les animaux


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Fabrication artisanale

Délais de livraison

Délais de livraison selon le jour de votre commande :

  • Lundi : 30 jour(s) ouvrés
  • Mardi : 30 jour(s) ouvrés
  • Mercredi : 30 jour(s) ouvrés
  • Jeudi : 30 jour(s) ouvrés
  • Vendredi : 30 jour(s) ouvrés
  • Samedi : 30 jour(s) ouvrés
  • Dimanche : 30 jour(s) ouvrés


Top quality vanilla scented candle 100% natural vegetable wax.

Pure soy wax, beeswax, cotton wick, natural additives, no dyes, no glue, no plastic.

Candle does not contain paraffin or mineral product derived from petrochemicals.

How to use

Regularly cut the wick of this candle when it is cooled to prevent the flame from becoming too high. The height of the drill bit should be approximately 0.5 cm.

Burn the candle for up to 4 hours.

Never leave the candle burning unattended. Burn the candle out of the reach of children and pets.

If you are burning several candles at the same time do not forget to space them out.

Do not burn candles on or near an object that could catch fire.

The average life of this burning candle is approximately 30 hours. It’s excellent for winter evenings.

Product’s benefit

Benefits of natural vanilla scented candle

The soy wax used to make this candle burns cleaner and slower than paraffin.



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