Cornflowers. Dried cornflower heads. (Copie)


Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is a stimulant of metabolism. These active components are: flavonoids, chitin, anthocyanosides and acetylenic compounds. Cornflower treatment contributes to digestion and gastric disorders. Also, blueberries enhance positive liver activity and resistance to various infections. It is a mild laxative for children. With dried cornflowers you can treat sores and ulcerative conditions. Cornflower works against eye and eyelid irritation, conjunctivitis. It is also a remedy in the treatment of inflammations of the skin and mucous membranes. Finally, cornflowers alleviate rheumatic pain. Use: infusions, decoctions, herbal teas, eye drops, baths.
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Origin : Normandy

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Dried cornflower in your personal pharmacy for care and beauty. First, cornflowers are known for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Similarly, gastronomic, since they are fully edible flowers. For example, the color of her flower evokes that of healthy clear eyes. Indeed, we use it for eye care. In case you want to make your dishes or your cosmetic recipes with dried plants, you can find ideas HERE

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Cornflowers – Centaurea cyanus

Cornflowers contain anthocyanosides, which color them blue. These are water-soluble pigments responsible for the coloring of plants. Therefore, they play a beneficial role in human health. Particularly in case of cardiovascular risks. These pigments are also found in blueberries, blackcurrants and even red vines. Moreover, anthocyanins have an important anti-inflammatory action. Also, the antioxidant action which allows to decrease the growth of atherosclerosis. Lastly, did you know that the cornflower was dedicated to the centaur Chiron, the tutor of Achilles in Greek mythology?

Dried cornflowers

The use of dried cornflowers in the first place is most often for the treatment of the eyes. Indeed, there are a lot of makeup removers based on cornflower floral water. However, there are a good number of less known recipes for health and beauty. For example, in mouthwash against inflammation of the oral mucosa. Dried cornflowers are also composed of flavonoids (antioxidant properties) and acetylenic compounds. To prepare your dishes with edible flowers you might also like Rose Petals

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Natural dried cornflowers


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