Chamomile flowers. Dried German chamomile.


Legendary for promoting sleep, the German chamomile (Matricaria recutita, Matricaria chamomilla) has real virtues for health and beauty. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that calm the itching of young and old. Chamomile is used in treatments designed for skin in need of care and in beauty cosmetics. Known for its sedative effect and popular for the sweetness of its smell, chamomile reduces tension. It has a tranquilizing reaction and it controls the central nervous system. Reduces stress attacks soon after use. Its best advantage: it is very well supported, even by the most sensitive skin. So, we can safely add it to a baby’s bath to soothe him if you don’t abuse it, of course. Another common way is its use in infusion in case of health problems. Chamomile is diuretic. It accelerates the secretion of bile, which helps digestion. In short, it plays a strengthening role on the liver and on your entire digestive system.
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Origine : Normandie

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Chamomile flowers have multiple virtues. On the other hand, they will be of great help if you have trouble sleeping. On the other hand, German chamomile treats inflammations, intestinal spasms and bloating. Similarly, we use chamomile flowers in cases of inflammation and skin infections. Chamomile is good not only for health, but also for beauty.








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Natural dried chamomile flowers


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Les bienfaits de la camomille allemande



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