Activated charcoal soap bars. Detox for the skin.


Soap with activated charcoal for clean and purified skin. First, it unclogs your pores by neutralizing impurities. This way our black charcoal soap intervenes to remove all the imperfections of your skin without it drying out. The soaps are packed in a linen bag by three for a total weight of 90 g (3,17 oz) total. Their original shape and appearance look like real pieces of coal. This allows you to use them like guest soaps, if you wish. Besides, you can put them in different places for ease of use. For example, bathroom, kitchen, toilettes… Finally, this activated charcoal soap will be perfect for traveling because of its size.
Savon 3 x 30 g Total 90 g / 3,17 oz

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Activated charcoal soap for deeply cleansed skin. To start, it unclogs your pores by absorbing impurities. In this way this black charcoal soap acts to eliminate all imperfections without drying out your skin. Then, the soaps are packed in a linen bag by three for a total weight of 90 g (3,17 oz) total. This allows you to use them like guest soaps. In addition, they can be placed in different places for ease of use. For example, bathroom, kitchen, toilettes … Finally, this activated carbon soap will be perfect for traveling because of its size.

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Activated charcoal soap

Activated charcoal soap, for a safe detox! First, a soap with organic oils is remarkable for ensuring the well-being and softness of your skin from the morning. In this vein, it is suitable for all skin types in general. But still, more particularly for oily skin or subject to pollution. Effectively, it purifies the epidermis and accelerates its regeneration. Pour cette raison, ce savon au charbon végétal conviendra plus particulièrement aux adolescents. Finally, it will serve you a good time because it melts slowly while giving the best of itself. Not only is it good for your skin, but also its design is very original. In short, it will perfectly suit the needs of your daily life. Also, it will accompany you for soothing and well-being.

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Benefits of vegetable charcoal

The benefits of activated charcoal are many, however not everyone knows where vegetable charcoal comes from. What exactly is coal for? What are the main properties of coal? How we get it? The manufacturing stages? Or its strong adsorbing and filtering power. As such, here is a small overview of the origins of coal.

Vegetable charcoal: history, properties, use

Human has used charcoal since Antiquity. Ancient Egyptians used it to purify water millennia ago. From the 18th century, we start to discolor different materials such as white sugar, among others. Since the discovery of its extraordinary virtues, this 100% natural product has become essential in people’s lives.

The properties of coal

Coal has the property of fixing and retaining certain molecules with which it is in contact. Its second property is a very strong adsorbing power. For this reason, an activated charcoal soap is recommended, especially for oily skin types. Also, it is the most active material of known natural de-intoxicants. This ability to absorb toxins and purify the pores of the skin without damaging it is enormous.

What is coal used for?

For our part, the use of vegetable charcoal for all kinds of filtration is essential. It retains a large number of organic compounds. For example, pesticides, chlorine or lead. Today we add activated charcoal to gas masks and cigarette filters. Also, you will find it in filters for aquariums. Then, it’s a hydrophobic active. It is able to absorb little water vapor at low relative humidity. In addition, in hospitals it is used to fight against poisoning and poisoning. Likewise, for veterinary needs.

Black charcoal soap and your skin type

Charcoal soap can be used by everyone. Handmade product. The soaps are delivered by three in a linen bag.


Amazing Benefits Of Charcoal Soap

Skin Benefits of Charcoal Soap for Face

The benefits of Charcoal for all skin types might surprise you

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Soap can be used by everyone. After use put the soap on a soap dish until the next use.

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La glycérine est un ingrédient indispensable d’un savon pour assurer une hydratation optimale, l’élasticité et la douceur de votre épiderme. L’efficacité de la glycérine dans les produits de bain et de douche tels que savons, crèmes pour le corps ou bien des gommages exfoliants est scientifiquement prouvée. Pour plus d’information sur la glycérine vous pouvez cliquer ICI.


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