Foot bath salt with red vine leaves. Blood circulation.


A foot bath salt with red vine leaves for better blood circulation. This bath salt is offered with 3 sachets of red vine leaves for infusion to add to your footbath. It is also possible to consume them in herbal tea. Salt is not exclusively essential in cooking: very rich in iodine and minerals, it becomes a very good friend hygiene and health. The therapeutic action of the red vine is also important. It has the capacity to improve the compression of the venous wall. It also promotes muscle contraction of the veins and the return of blood to the heart. This bath salt with red vine is very fragrant for an olfactory experience for more relaxation. Use the infusion of the red vine at each footbath preferably in the evening. These hot baths will reduce the stiffness of vessels, reduce fatigue and insomnia.

Bath salt 200 g
3 sachets of red vine leaves for infusion

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A foot bath salt with red vine leaves for better blood circulation. First, red grape leaves are rich in anthocyanidins, the substance responsible for the red coloring. They also contain tannins, flavonoids with antioxidant properties and phenolic compounds. They are especially used against venous insufficiency, heavy legs and varicose veins.

The foot bath with red vine leaves

A foot bath with red vine leaves to activate the blood circulation and in case of high blood pressure. It also reduces toxins and perspiration of the feet. In addition, a foot bath with salt and red vine boosts your immune system. The red vine leaves are a venous tonic. It also has a protective action on blood capillaries. In addition, the red vine infusion reinforces the elasticity of the blood vessels. Stabilizing effect on collagen. To accompany your foot bath in a relaxing atmosphere we suggest our


Bougie parfumée naturelle vigne rougeFoot bath with salt

To finish with heavy legs, use a foot bath with coarse salt. Also, the coarse salt found in all our bath salts has the property of calming rheumatic pains. Just use it regularly. Thus, we find light legs by adding to your bath a few tablespoons of our bath salt. During the cold winter months, if you are susceptible to frostbite, use coarse salt. Dip your hands and feet in a hot water bath where you have thrown out our bath salt. That should protect you, in addition to gloves and thick socks of course!

Home foot bath

To make your home foot bath: put a bag of dry red vine leaves in 1 liter of water to start. Then boil it for 2 minutes, then let it steep. During this time prepare your footbath: fill a basin with warm water and pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of the bath salt. Add your infusion of red vine and soak your feet in it. You just have to relax in front of the TV. Take a foot bath every night until your blood circulation improves.

Other recipes for your feet

When you have ankles and legs that swell, it is that the return traffic has some failures … This problem usually increases when it is hot, or during long standing. To avoid these unpleasant moments and heal ourselves we offer other recipes for a homemade foot bath. Here are some other recipes to try to activate the blood circulation in your legs:

Garlic oil
Grate a head of garlic and macerate in 20 cl of vegetable oil for 2 or 3 days. Rub and massage your legs in the evening with this oil, always movements up from the ankles to the thighs.
Green anise tea
Infuse, for 10 minutes, in a liter of water, a handful of green anise seeds. Filter and drink a cup after each major meal.
Sweaty feet
Against bad smells, spend your feet, morning and evening, in the Scottish shower. You will stimulate blood circulation and limit perspiration.


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